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Sorry I haven't posted in a while!

Here is a MEGA awesome project! It is a 100% Lego movie set! Let me give you a tour! 

This is the whole set from a large view.

Here is where they film the larger than life things! Right now they are filming a spaceship battle.

This is the directing and special effects room with a actor.

Here is a inside view on the blue spaceship cockpit with a man on a camera track filming. Next to him is a stand with more cameras.

It's a little bright here but this is the changing room so the actors can change into there costumes. 

Here is an actor at a setup table. Next to him is a robot chasing...  

A very fast pizza delivery man! He is about to crash into a man that is very scared of the ghost.(for a little more action!)

These men are in a movie rover,looking at everyone's progress.

This is a scene where police lion aliens are chasing galactic bad guys.

Once they "fall" off the movie set, they collapse onto this safety net.

Here are some random people not working, a janitor scrubbing, and a girl with a jetpack.

Here is the last picture of the actor filming.

I hope you liked this post on a Lego movie set. Until next time, Lights,Camera,ACTION!


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