Monday, August 15, 2016

Great creations you will LOVE!


I have a LOT of creations to show you! Hope you like them!

Here is a 2 person rover for driving on planets. It has lots of details.

Here is a side view of this beauty.

For traveling faster than slow, there is a small spaceship for flying really fast. 

This is what it looks like when it takes off.(It doesn't just fall on the ground)

This is Emmets Ghost Striker! It has 2 large ghost cannons and it flys using hover technology. 

The seat can even come off to turn into a recliner!

Here is a back view.

Me and my mom made this cave for my mechanical dragon statue.

Here you can see some rockwork and decorative gears.

Here is some flames and a torch.

This is the hidden trapdoor!

What looks like a crumbling castle is actually a thief nabber!

Here it is from a wide view.

This is Jay's Lightning fighter with a Electro cannon and thick treads.

This is the side view.

The REALY cool part is the cockpit can pop off with the press of a button and turn into an escape pod or a lightning fighter!

Here it is again!

I hope all of you like it and are inspired by it! Until we meet again,LEGOS FOREVER!

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