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The Build 1

Okay here is how to build the two ships I said I would show you how to build.
This is for the fighter:
First collect the pieces below.  

2nd: Attach the arch to the black brick with side studs. 

3rd: Apply the gray pieces with two holes each on the sides. 

4th: Add on the orange highlight piece to the black arch.

5th: To make the missiles, attach the blue cones to the gray technic pieces and for the other two
missiles, attach the the two red studs to the two green studs and then attach them to the gray technic pieces. 

6th: Put the missiles in the gray holed pieces as shown.

Final step: Add the orange cone to the end of the arch and then your done!

Here is how to build the long red distracter ship:
1st: get these pieces from your collection.

2nd: Add the little yellow pieces to the bottom of the red piece.

3rd: Put the red piece to the side for now and get the black piece with side studs and add on the two hinged bricks to he side.

4th: Add on the grill plates to the top of the hinged …

My First Post: Fighters and Distracters

Okay this is my very first post so don't blame me on mistakes.
Here is my fighter class on mini spaceships (I will show how to build the first ship in a later post!)

Here is the "Distracter" class of spaceships (I will also show how to build the long red ship later on!)

Hope you liked my first post!