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Chima Fort

Here is my CHIMA fort so far.

Here is the lion-head gate.

Here is a mech I just recently added on to the top of the jail. 

And here is the lava fountain that makes the lava for the moat.

Also here is the obstacle course to get to the Chi.

This is the flying snowmobile.

These are the enemy towers with a tight rope going over the lava.

So this is my fort so far. Please tell me if you have any ideas!


Here is a walker I built:

It's feet can pop up and then it can fly!(note that there are helicopter blades on the feet!)    

Close up of mech.

So this is a mech!Hope you liked it!


So these are some subs I made:
Here is Turbo Shadow, my black sub.

Here is the cockpit with the driver (a.k.a. pilot)

Here is the Ninja Sub. Did you know that every piece came from the lego set Ninja Copter. (my sister destroyed it so I turned it into this awesome Ninja Sub!)  

Here is it's Turbo-charged engine.

Here is it's 2 person cockpit.

And in the back is a 2 propeller fan.  

Here is the Evil Twin's Sub.

And here are the Evil Twins in there cocpits.

And one last thing, here are there engine jammer cannons.

Hope you liked my post! Please comment if you like it!