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Hello and welcome to another epic post from Legomaster. This week I will be showing you a longterm project that I have been working on for over 2 months. I did not build every day, some weeks I did nothing at all, sometimes only one or two small adjustments. 
Here I present it to you: The WAR MACHINE HULKBUSTER!!!

It's a little over 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

Now for the functions. Here is the cockpit inside the chest that opens on a small hinge.

Here is a arm, which has 3 fingers, a gun, and a quad-piston extenders. Here is a cool fact: The upper part of the arm is a 6 stud shooter and the shoulder protectors are nexo knight shields. 

Up here you can see the main gun which has 4 rotating barrels(in my imagination) to mow down enemies.

The hulkbuster is powered by not 1, not 2, but 3 arch reactors! How else will you power all those mechanics? The round brick on top is to hold the War Machine helmet once I get a War Machine minifigure.

You probably will not understand this r…
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Star Scavenger reborn: The Scravenger!

Hello and welcome to another exiting post with LegoMaster! In this post I will showcase a MOSR (My Own Set Rebuild(This is a term I made up so other lego fans will most likely not recognize it.))
This is a rebuild of set 75147 Star Scavenger, at 558 pieces and a cost of around 57 US dollars which calculates to around 10¢ per piece. Here is a link for more detail on this set. Link
Here is my rebuild, The Scravenger!

She's a little dusty.

Here is the crew in order: Zander, Rowan, Kordi, and R0-GR(Roger). 

Here is the interior of The Scravenger. Plenty of space for all four of them. On each side is a spring-loaded projectile launcher.

If we head around the back there is a laser gun on each wing to shoot debris out of the way or to take down Sith Lord ships.

Right here you can see the energy shield projectors that protect against retaliations to fire.

On the back you find 2 ion class engines and 1 ion class advanced engine.

Since they are scavengers they need a area to collect scrap a…

5 Do's and Don'ts of a Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

I have seen many different zombie vehicles but some have broken the basic rules of zombie vehicles. In this post I will try to teach you how to make a vehicle that will drive the zombies out and will look nice at the same time.
Now here is the vehicle in question, the Mammoth.

Now before we start, always start with basic vehicle. The only reason this is not a rule is because all other rules can be broken in some very extreme cases. This one is unbreakable. I will explain each counter to the steps in the don'ts.

Rule 1: Have room to carry lots of supplies, like handheld weapons, water, and food.

Rule 2: Give it some cool firepower. In the aftermath, there will be some downed planes and your character will need some speed. Use only in emergencies.

Rule 3:Add a plow. How else will you get through the zombie remains? 

Rule 4: Put on some flair. If you find other humans, you need to show whose boss.

Rule 5: Add protective measures, such as bars over the windshield, a chainsaw in close…

Excalibur, the mini mech part 2!

Welcome to Excalibur, the mini mech part 2! In this post I will be showing you how to build the legs for the mini mech. To see how to build the torso, here is a link: 
Lets get started!

First gather the following pieces.

Start off by putting a 1x2 tile on top of a 1x2 tile with a side bar.

On top of that add a 1x2 cheese slope or 2 1x1 cheese slopes.

As those will be the feet, put them to the side. Next grab 2 headlight bricks. In each hole attach a little minifigure ray gun. They are preferable because of the unique angle they offer.

On opposite sides of each other, apply a 1x1 plate to the side of the ray gun. After that attach a 1x1 plate with a clip to the top of each headlight brick.

On the back we will now attach a 1x1 round plate to the square on the back of the headlight brick.

Now attach the feet as shown.

Now we build the part that connects the legs and torso. Get a minifigure neck attachment back pla…