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How to Penguin

Hello  everybody! In this post you will learn how to build a super cool penguin!

First gather the pieces below.

Then attach the flipper pieces below to the other piece.

Then build the pieces below out of white and black bricks,slopes, and arch pieces.

Put those on the piece with the flippers with the white in the front and the black in the back.

Put that aside and put these pieces together in the following order.Then build another of it.

Attach them to the sides as shown.

Now for the head! Take the 2x2 black plate and attach it to the brick with a plus on it.

Then put a gold claw piece in the +.Then attach the two 1x1 bricks behind the brick with a plus.

Attach the lego technic brick on top of the two 1x1 bricks.

Place the two cylinders on it.

Then attach a 2x2 plate on top of the technic brick with the cylinders.

Then attach it to the top of the body.
And there you have it folks!Your very own penguin!I named mine Skipper.Remember,in lego,you can do whatever you want!I want to see if…

War Machines

Hello! The new year brings a new dawn of lego builds,just itching to be revealed.These are, WAR MACHINES!
First of all is Rebel Shredder built for victory!

Here is the side with the stability wheel and a chainsaw to grab for a weapon.

Here is the main weapon,a plasma blaster and with spinning blades,any vehicle trying to ram it will be torn to shreds!

Here is the brave soul piloting this driving death machine.

Here is the back with his laser gun if he needs to become a foot solder.

This is the rescue walker.The inspiration came from a lego magazine challenge to rescue a plane.

This is the back trunk for storage.

The legs are strong to carry this vehicle to the rescue.The front feet are different because the back ones need to grip.

This harpoon gun will get rid of any obstacles in its way!

Up here is the cockpit with 2 stud shooters to destroy people trying to attack the vehicle.

This is the crown of them all! The Zombie Raptor mech! 

Here are its awesome claws,built for grabbing and …