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Chima Fort 2

So here is the fished product of my chima fort for the contest(didn't want to show it to you to early or you might take some ideas from me). The features are listed below: 

2 mechs A lava moat A lion mouth gate 2 enemy towers(1 with a catapult) A spike fence A dragon tank A muscular robot A gun tower A droid tower with gun A droid battle 2 towers with cannons Fire mural and backround Floor covered with snakes 2 buzzing chainsaws 2 rotating lazer cannons 2 lion claws 3 hidden CHI cashes A jail The CHI in a chain covered box 2 hovercrafts Thick, unbreakable walls 2 lava catapultes A flying snowmobile A platform for the flying snowmobile A rickity,old wood plank bridge over the lava moat. A little guy with a marshmallow And 5 awesome minifigures!
Thank you for reading this! See you again! Lego OUT!