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Great creations you will LOVE!

I have a LOT of creations to show you! Hope you like them!

Here is a 2 person rover for driving on planets. It has lots of details.

Here is a side view of this beauty.

For traveling faster than slow, there is a small spaceship for flying really fast. 

This is what it looks like when it takes off.(It doesn't just fall on the ground)

This is Emmets Ghost Striker! It has 2 large ghost cannons and it flys using hover technology. 

The seat can even come off to turn into a recliner!

Here is a back view.

Me and my mom made this cave for my mechanical dragon statue.

Here you can see some rockwork and decorative gears.

Here is some flames and a torch.

This is the hidden trapdoor!

What looks like a crumbling castle is actually a thief nabber!

Here it is from a wide view.

This is Jay's Lightning fighter with a Electro cannon and thick treads.

This is the side view.

The REALY cool part is the cockpit can pop off with the press of a button and turn into an escape pod or a ligh…

Two GREAT dragons!

Welcome back to yet another great post! This theme is dragons!

This is the almighty ghost dragon!

This is his side where you can see the ghost rider and the awesome tail!

Here is the dragons wings folded back.

Its feet are actually made to be upside down! Don't they look cool!

This is the T-Rex mech!

It's eyeballs are actually mounted on stud shooters! 

This is it's awesome tail with blades on the end.

These are the stable feet that hold it up.
I hope you liked it! Just to let you know, these where made from lego set 70737 Titan Mech Battle. See you next time!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while!
Here is a MEGA awesome project! It is a 100% Lego movie set! Let me give you a tour! 

This is the whole set from a large view.

Here is where they film the larger than life things! Right now they are filming a spaceship battle.

This is the directing and special effects room with a actor.

Here is a inside view on the blue spaceship cockpit with a man on a camera track filming. Next to him is a stand with more cameras.

It's a little bright here but this is the changing room so the actors can change into there costumes. 

Here is an actor at a setup table. Next to him is a robot chasing...  

A very fast pizza delivery man! He is about to crash into a man that is very scared of the ghost.(for a little more action!)

These men are in a movie rover,looking at everyone's progress.

This is a scene where police lion aliens are chasing galactic bad guys.

Once they "fall" off the movie set, they collapse onto this safety net.

Here are some ra…