Monday, March 14, 2016

Cool creations 1

I've been working lately and have some creations to show you. First is this weird "dude" bot.He has a working hand and movable arms and legs. I also made gears into his face.

Here is a boat with a twist. It was built upside-down! All the studs are on the bottom and all the tubes are on the top. It has a cabin,complex bottom,and a statue at the hull.

Here I have the bottom. I put a chima speedzor wheel there so I can roll it around as if it is in water. Also note the complexity.

And here is a cool dragon I made, It has a snake-like head with a long tail and two powerful wings.The wing atachment and tail are made from ball-joint socket pieces.

Here is the armor on it's back.

And this is my all-terrain walking rover.It has a snug cockpit and four strong legs.(the pieces to atach the claws on the front are handlebar pieces.)

The legs in the back are piston legs and can extend to almost double there original size. 

And here again are the legs.

Tune in next time for more Cool Creations!


  1. This is so cool! I don't know how you come up with this stuff, but it's brilliant. Way to go, Tyson.

  2. Thanks!I get ideas from everyday things and books.